Arrow Keys :  

  • Left/Right=Turn 
  • Up/Down=Accelerate/Reverse

Mouse: used for menus and skipping title screens.

A Simple Game Designed To Challenge Your Use Of The Core Mechanics.

You are an astronaut stranded beyond space and time, drifting further and further away from concepts of reality. You must guide your ship through a series of environments, pushing walls and luring enemies into traps to survive in hope of finding your way back home.

-15 Challenging levels spread across a 3 part story.
-A Story Told with few words; hopefully allowing non-English speakers the ability to understand the core concepts and mechanics of the game.
-An Atmospheric Soundtrack.
-Designed using the ASCII art concepts.
-2D Physics Engine allowing you and enemies to alter the levels.
-2 Game Modes to Unlock, drastically changing the way you play the game(for those looking to really challenge their understanding of the mechanics.)

Inspired by the aesthetic of classic ascii games like "Ultima" or "Rogue", The design revolves around the experimental use of the ascii art style. Applying a physic engine to the core player mechanics and world elements, that allowed for more creative use of the visual style in both level and challenge/puzzle design. The key idea behind the design was to imply the core ideas with little to no dialogue as possible; hopefully allowing the player to feel a sense of achievement when stumbling upon reactions or solutions.

The first game in the ASCII Series. This game is more of me testing the waters with the ascii art direction; experimenting with modern mechanical elements and combining that to create interesting and fun experiences with the ASCII art style. Future games in the series may go full ASCII, meaning everything will be done using ascii characters; everything being, title screens and logos etc etc.

A Michael T Moreno Game.

~~~If you are having issues of any kind with the game or just want to shoot me a nice email, feel free; I am really hoping you all find enjoyment from this minimalist experimental concept .~~~

***Finally Ported from exclusively being on ios to being browser based and free :3

Also available on

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Neat little game.


Thank you Mister, I really appreciate that :3 really glad you enjoyed it :3

Really awesome Profile pic btw.<THUMBS UP>