Progress Status(Jan-15)

Hello all :3

So here’s a progress report…

The first "Progress Report";

-All Base mechanics are done as well as environmental hazard Scripts.
-All Gameplay player animations are completed(There is the possibility of more to be done though.)
-Player HUD is created, but it could be temporary… I have to give it time to see if I want to change it.

Why has this taken as much time as it has?

-alot of time is spent figuring out what animations work and what animations do not, as well as what mechanics compliment each other and what is not needed.
-more time is spent optimizing, fine tuning, balancing and cleaning up the code space and mechanics(Common Events and JS); this is a habit that comes with getting familiar with a new work space that ensures trust and stability in what I am building(personally).

** a lot of optimization stuff like the last note is a step that is taken once in the process of learning how to properly work with the new engine; after that, it becomes more about improving my tidy-ness??? from project to project. I’m a neat freak, so this is something I do… lol.

What’s currently being worked on?

Main Focus

-Enemy Design(Minions, Bosses)
-Enemy AI(Minion, Bosses)
-Combat Scenarios(Experimenting with Enemy Spawn rates and balancing of enemy types etc etc.)
-Cutscene Render Optimizations in Blender.(Exploring ways to speed up the rendering process in blender for the game’s cutscenes.)
-Prototype level design.(all done using prototype Color Coded tileset via the RPG Maker map editor.)

Building as the project Develops

-Lore Book(In-game)

anywho, so that’s what’s happening :3
Hope everyone(HA! there’s no one here lol) is doing well, and I hope everyone is excited for what’s coming up in the next update :3

can’t wait to see where this goes :3

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