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Discovery was an 8-bit platformer that I made in 2010… It was my first game and was one of my biggest disappointments; the game was initially suppose to expand beyond platforming into a scrolling shooter and a bird's eye view RPG. Due to stress and time constraints as well as school… it ended up being cut down and simplified into a basic platformer of high difficulty. The game initially consists of fifty levels across five worlds, with two bonus worlds consisting of ten levels each. The unlockable world present an alternate ending to the game, and some closure for the player.

The game is about a character who is trapped inside of a video game; in the original ending, the character is trapped forever, but in the alternate ending… The character escapes through the circuitry of reality and the player plays through the last world, which is reality.

It has been a while, but the requirements for unlocking the bonus worlds is to end the game with >700-1000 "bits", which are those grassy blocks floating around in the game, as well as all of the golden bits, which are hidden one in every level.

After long consideration… I am going to remake this game in 2.5D the way I wanted it to be… Scrolling shooting, Platforming, bird's eye view RPG action and more. I feel now is the perfect time being that I have more experience in the field; also… playing through it made me understand why people liked this game when I hated it so much.

This game will make you want to tear your hair out!!!! just a note… :3 enjoy.


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